3 April 2023 / Migration

Migrating to a Headless Platform while still keeping Shopify

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Olavson is a brand that specializes in premium kitchenware, with a vision to be 100% independent. Their founders invested all their savings to create a range of kitchen tools that would meet the passion of cooking enthusiasts and make every experience with their brand a special one. In partnership with Sogody, Olavson aimed to build a platform that would connect with their customers and celebrate their love for cooking.

At our team, we share Olavson's belief in quality, and our goal was to develop a platform that would enable users to purchase premium kitchenware online. Our team worked on building a future-proof headless Shopify store that would provide an improved user experience. Our focus was to create a platform that felt personal, reliable, and heartfelt, and we delivered it with impeccable care and attention to detail.


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Over six months, our team worked on building a customized solution that would meet our client's needs. To provide stunning UX, fast loading times, and easy content management, we decided to go Headless. This approach allowed us to separate concerns in frontend structuring, and the data handling, business logic, and rendering happened in isolation and connected through APIs.

As a result, we were able to implement several service-oriented custom solutions throughout the platform. We introduced custom upsell logic, where merchants could precisely set discounts for upsells on the cart. We also integrated four UX levels of variant pickers for custom variant logic, per variant descriptions, and images. We fetched reviews provided by YOTPO through seamless third-party integration with the YOTPO API, and we also created a custom loyalty program through a Loyalty Lion <-> Shopify integration.

To provide a unique UI/UX checkout process, our team replaced the default Shopify checkout through our JavaScript expertise. Lastly, we built a solution to serve several markets under the same domain to ensure strong domain authority and allow seamless switching between markets with minimal loading time.

We used Google Cloud containers and cloud-based features to achieve the interaction of almost all the microservices mentioned above. This ensured flawless integration and minimal delays, if any. Our team followed best-practices methodology and used the most recent technologies to deliver a highly customized solution that adapts seamlessly to any device and expands easily to any market.

Furthermore, our headless content management systems provide a range of configurations, which allows most of the usual day-to-day development tasks to be completely configurable by store owners, requiring little to no development time or effort.

In conclusion, our team delivered a highly customized platform that meets Olavson's specific needs, providing a delightful user experience for cooking enthusiasts. We achieved this through the implementation of several service-oriented custom solutions and the use of the most recent technologies under a strict best-practices methodology.

Our headless architecture allowed for fast loading times, easy content management, and seamless interaction of microservices. The resulting architecture is adaptable to any device and easily expandable to any market, with most day-to-day development tasks being configurable by store owners.

Headless architecture

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Several markets under the same domain