The Spell & Sell approach to CNCT Cooler's online presence

Explore the transformative impact of Spell & Sell's expertise on CNCT Cooler's digital realm, as we tailor-make their Shopify store.

Introducing the CNCT Cooler – the world’s first patented cooler tailored specifically for Tesla models. This innovative design merges premium features with Tesla-inspired style, ensuring refreshments stay chilled for up to two days. Embracing the visionary ethos of Tesla, the CNCT Cooler is more than just a functional accessory; it's a statement piece that marries functionality with artistry.

Partnering with Spell & Sell, known for our commitment to innovation and excellence, CNCT Coolers aimed to extend this ethos to their online presence by launching a Shopify store.

Redefining CNCT Coolers’ UX/UI design

Our team collaborated closely with CNCT Coolers to completely overhaul their e-commerce platform. Every aspect of the design was carefully reconsidered to reflect the essence of the CNCT Cooler brand.

Our attention to detail ensured a seamless integration of the new design into the Shopify platform, guaranteeing a user-friendly and intuitive browsing experience for customers.

The UX/UI design was specifically tailored to harmonize with the sleek and stylish appearance of the coolers. By merging innovative design principles with easy-to-navigate features, we succeeded in creating an online environment where the CNCT Cooler takes center stage, showcasing its functionality and attractiveness.

Furthermore, to emphasize the effortless usability of CNCT Coolers, we embarked on an inventive journey of motion design. Custom animations were crafted for each Tesla Model – S, 3, X, and Y – illustrating how the coolers seamlessly fit into the trunk spaces of these vehicles.

These dynamic visuals not only highlighted the practicality of the coolers but also reinforced their simplicity and compatibility with various Tesla models, enhancing the overall user experience.

Spell & Sell injected vitality into these motion designs, enhancing the storytelling by vividly illustrating how seamlessly the CNCT Cooler fits into every Tesla journey.

This addition doesn't just refine the e-commerce platform; it transforms it into a digital reflection of the cooler's essence – a space where creativity, innovation, and shopping convenience converge seamlessly.

Customizing their Shopify page

Turning CNCT Cooler's vision into Shopify reality was the next step after successfully finalizing the design phase. We took charge of creating a fully customized landing page within Shopify, utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Liquid to realize the vision.

After a month of dedicated work, the result was an e-commerce platform that matched the excellence of the CNCT Cooler and captured its essence.

By carefully implementing these technologies, our team ensured a user experience that reflects both the functionality and aesthetic brilliance of the product. This tailor-made platform not only simplifies finding the CNCT Cooler but also offers a browsing experience that mirrors its exceptional design.

The collaboration of innovation, coding skills, and commitment led to an e-commerce platform perfectly suited to the revolutionary nature of the CNCT Cooler.

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