Spell & Sell’s role in constructing FabPub’s online shop

Explore fab.pub's collaboration with Spell & Sell to revolutionize the online shopping experience.


In an age marked by technological innovation and a relentless drive for progress, Fab.Pub emerges as a beacon of accessibility and creativity, representing the future of design. Led by Arthur Mamou-Mani, an acclaimed French architect and director of Mamou-Mani Architects, fab.pub stands at the forefront of digitally designed and fabricated architecture.

Mamou-Mani, a lecturer at the University of Westminster, established Fab.Pub to foster experimentation with large-scale 3D printers, propelling the boundaries of design further.

Mamou-Mani's illustrious career, punctuated by accolades like the Gold Prize at the American Architecture Prize and the RIBAj Rising Star Award, underscores his dedication to innovation. Renowned for his talks at prestigious events like TedX and exhibitions at esteemed venues such as the Tate Modern, his expertise fuels Fab.Pub's mission.

Breaking barriers and revolutionizing design perceptions, Fab.Pub not only embraces cutting-edge technologies but also ensures their accessibility to all, setting it apart in the design landscape.

Partnering with Spell & Sell, a trusted e-commerce solutions provider, fab.pub ensures the seamless delivery of its groundbreaking products, enhancing its transformative impact on the world of design and 3D printing.

Unveiling the future of shopping

At the core of Fab.Pub's mission is the commitment to making design technologies accessible to everyone. The online platform, crafted by Spell & Sell, stands as the gateway to this future. From the ground up, Spell & Sell built a bespoke theme, placing a spotlight on products and collections. The homepage became a digital masterpiece, capturing the essence of Fab.Pub's vision, thanks to the seamless collaboration between the design experts at fab.pub and the technical prowess of Spell & Sell.

Showcasing FabPub's website

The birth of an e-commerce powerhouse

The collaboration between Fab.Pub and Spell & Sell birthed an e-commerce powerhouse, combining Spell & Sell's expertise in e-commerce solutions with fab.pub's innovative spirit. The result? A user-friendly online platform that not only showcases Fab.Pub’s diverse range of products but also ensures a secure and intuitive shopping experience.

Spell & Sell’s expertise in customizing the Shopify theme using Liquid and JavaScript proved instrumental in highlighting the unique features of each product.

Through collaborative discussions and meticulous modifications, the homepage, product page, and collections page were tailored to surpass both aesthetic and functional expectations.

While Fab.Pub provided the initial design, Spell & Sell's role extended beyond surface-level implementation, delving into the intricacies of enhancing the overall user experience. With every product boasting distinct features, our team customized the theme to showcase Fab.Pub’s vision.

From refining functionalities like add-to-cart and updating product quantity through API integration to seamlessly incorporating product collection using Liquid and JavaScript, Spell & Sell ensured that Fab.Pub’s digital presence truly reflected its commitment to innovation and excellence in design.

Payment gateways seamlessly integrated, the site became a testament to Spell & Sell's commitment to excellence in the e-commerce domain.

Innovations beyond 3D printing

As Fab.Pub set sail into the e-commerce sphere, the trust in Spell & Sell extended beyond just the virtual realm. Secure and timely delivery is the cornerstone of any successful e-commerce venture, and Spell & Sell's commitment to this crucial aspect ensures that fab.pub's groundbreaking products reach customers with reliability and speed.

The digital canvas crafted by Spell & Sell not only highlights 3D printing but also showcases the broader spectrum of design technologies offered by Fab.Pub. The customization work done by Spell & Sell further enhances the overall experience, surpassing the mere transactional nature of e-commerce to offer a journey into the world of innovation.

In the dynamic intersection of design and technology, Fab.Pub and Spell & Sell stand as torchbearers of innovation. The birth of an online shop from scratch, the careful customization of themes, and the seamless delivery services exemplify a collaborative triumph that doesn't just create an e-commerce platform; it crafts an immersive, inspiring space where the future of design unfolds. As Fab.Pub continues to push boundaries, it does so with Spell & Sell as its steadfast ally, weaving a narrative of innovation and accessibility that defines the shop of the future.

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