Crafting an enhanced food shopping journey for KRISPR

KRISPR collaborates with Spell & Sell for hassle-free food shopping. Our tailored e-commerce platform ensures a smooth journey from click to delivery.

KRISPR, a UAE-based Ag-Tech company, aims to revolutionize agriculture while prioritizing environmental sustainability. By integrating cutting-edge technology with eco-conscious practices, they produce high-quality, pesticide-free crops using closed-loop water-saving systems and indoor environmental controls.

Their vertically grown produce, delivered locally within hours of harvesting, ensures peak nutrition and freshness year-round. Through sustainable and ethical practices, KRISPR is reshaping the future of agriculture for a healthier planet.

Simplifying food shopping

KRISPR is dedicated to transforming the way food is bought and sold, aiming to create a seamless experience from farm to table. Teaming up with Spell & Sell, they set out to craft an e-commerce platform that not only embodies KRISPR's mission but also ensures customers enjoy a hassle-free shopping journey.

Leveraging our expertise, we developed a bespoke e-commerce platform on Shopify tailored to KRISPR's unique requirements. A standout feature we integrated is the subscription system, offering customers the flexibility of weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly plans, complete with a 15% discount on eligible items. To qualify for the discount, customers need to ensure their subscribed products meet a minimum total value.

We also paid attention to the finer details, implementing features like location pin and custom delivery date selection to ensure orders reach customers precisely when and where they need them. This level of customization not only enhances convenience but also fosters trust and loyalty among KRISPR's customer base.

Furthermore, we prioritized user account management, allowing customers to effortlessly update their information, review past orders, and personalize their preferences. Integrating social logins via Google or Apple further simplifies the login process, making it easier for customers to engage with the platform.

In essence, our e-commerce solution not only facilitates smoother transactions but also reinforces KRISPR's commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation in food commerce.

KRISP’s recipe recommendations

To enhance the culinary journey for KRISP's customers, we've introduced a thoughtful feature called the "Goes Well With" section on every product page. Positioned conveniently below the Subscribe & Save 15% button, this section offers a curated selection of recipes that incorporate the specific product being viewed.

We understand that navigating through numerous recipes can be overwhelming, so we've tailored this section to present only those recipes that complement the product in focus. This means customers can effortlessly discover recipe ideas that perfectly align with their interests and the ingredients they have at hand.

By integrating this intuitive feature, we're not just providing convenience; we're offering a personalized culinary experience. Whether customers are seeking to showcase a particular product or simply seeking inspiration, the "Goes Well With" section serves as a helpful guide, ensuring they find recipes that resonate with their tastes and preferences.

It's about simplifying the journey to culinary creativity and enjoyment for every KRISP customer.

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